The ministries at KBC are focused on accomplishing three ends as we understand the mission of the church according to the Bible. First, the church exists as a community designed to strengthen our members by gathering to encourage one another, sharing wisdom, and serving each other with our different but complementary spiritual gifts distributed by the Holy Spirit for everyone's good. Second, the church was created to be a kingdom community of ambassadors and emissaries. It is the duty of every member to contribute to the local church's work in advancing the causes of Christ's worldwide kingdom mission. Third, we will only be effective in these goals if our members understand and seek to appreciate and apply the Bible's teaching about the Gospel, the church, and the Christian life. All of our ministries are designed to help us meet these ends as an organic unit—"the body of Christ"—the expression of the kingdom of God in the world. We want all we do to result in the greater glorification and revelation of God's majesty in Jesus Christ. 

Community Groups

This is our sermon-based home group ministry. Every week, we meet in small groups at various host homes to discuss the content of the previous week's sermon, focusing especially on life application. During these meetings, we take time to pray for one another, encourage, share food, and enjoy each other's company. We seek to make our Community Groups the "web" that connects everything we do at KBC. If you're interested in getting connected, this is a great place to start. Email the pastor at pastor@kenmorebaptistchurch.com for more information.

Children's Ministry and Youth Group

We offer nursery care, Sunday school, and children's ministry during our Sunday gatherings for corporate worship. Our volunteers all have background checks and training in sexual abuse awareness and prevention. This is a safe place where your children will be taught the Bible and encouraged to grow in love for God and one another and in Christian character.

Our youth group—AfterShock—meets weekly on Wednesday or Sunday evenings for fun, fellowship, and devotional times. For more information, contact our Christian education director at christianed@kenmorebaptistchurch.com. 

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KBC Women

This ministry exists to be a loving community of women devoted to Christ, who encourage each other in our relationship with Christ, through the power of the Holy Spirit. We do this by meeting together to foster spiritual growth and enjoy the fellowship of one another's company. 


Nursing Home Worship Services

Twice a month, our deaconesses and pastor provide the residences of two local nursing home communities with a communion worship service. If you're interested in serving the elderly, this is a great ministry for you to get involved in!

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Threads of Grace

We provide gently used clothing and other household items to those in our community who have such needs. We see this outreach ministry as a vital part of our identity as we seek to display God's goodness by serving to promote human flourishing in the world. If you have items to donate, or would like to volunteer, email Jacquie Wiesner at kbctog@gmail.com

Pastor-Led Bible Studies

These classes are designed to help us engage the Bible at a deeper level. These meetings have a little bit more of a college classroom feel, as we seek to engage the Bible in an effort to understand better its historical context and theological meaning. If you are interested in learning more about the Bible, this is a great place to be. Contact the pastor at pastor@kenmorebaptistchurch.com.

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Zōē College & Young Adult Ministry

Our 18 to twenty-somethings meet twice a month on the first and third Friday nights at 7:00 PM to have fellowship, prayer, and to discuss life from a Christian worldview. Sometimes we meet in homes other times at our church building. If you'd like to get plugged in here, reach out to the pastor at pastor@kenmorebaptistchurch.com